Exp/SP: x12
Party Exp/SP: Retail
Quest Exp/SP: x1
Adena: x8
Drop: x5
Quest Drop: x1
Quest Adena: x1
Spoil: x3
Raid Boss Drop: x2
Vote reward system. Get Enchant Scroll reward in game by pressing .getreward
Safe Enchant : +3
Max Enchant : +16
Enchant Weapon Scroll ( normal ) : 80%
Enchant Armor Scroll ( normal ) : 80%
Blessed Enchant Weapon Scroll : 90%
Blessed Enchant Armor Scroll : 90%
*Jewels have same Enchant rate as Armor.

System Events
Auto events every hour


Castle Sieges
All Bosses are Working 100% ( they are Dropping Blessed Enchants)
Raid Bosses Spawn countdown : every 6 hours
GM Custom Events Controlled from GMs Like ( Functions , Find The Drop , 5v5)
NPC Buffer : NO
Classes been Balanced
Ranking System
Heroes every week
Classic farm system
Auto Loot Items
Auto Learn Skills
Heroes every week
Sieges every weekend
Free class transfer
Classic farm system
PTS Files

Anti DDos Web Site Shield
Web Firewall Protection
SSL Secure Connection on Web
Login Anti DDos Protection
Game Server Anti DDos Protection
Client Anti Bot Protection
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